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          Welcome to my page. I appreciate you visiting today, peruse at your leisure.

~ For over 25 years I have had the opportunity to work in the entertainment industry across many projects playing diverse roles along side some of the most talented people in theater, television and film. The journey has been a long one, but I am grateful for the path my career has taken me thus far.

Nick's philosophy:

"This business is like a marathon rather than a sprint:

     There is always time to get that second wind...

So, Keep Breathing life...until you hear cut."

~ To learn more about Nicholas "the man", go to the BIO section.

~ Casting Directors & Directors please watch my "scene clips" in REELS.

~ Headshots, screenshots and posters of past credits are within the GALLERY 


You might recognize some the movies & television titles, others you may not. Non-the-less, it has been a varied career and I look forward to the next character I have the privilege of  bringing to life to So that I may continue to play my part within this storytelling business art of ours.

~ To the Casting Directors, Directors, Producers and fellow Actors:

   I hope to work with you one day to bring breath to the life of a "that guy". 

~ To potential fans, (or to the curious movie and television buffs out there who unbeknownst to them have a subconscious eye on my career ...well hello, you have come to the right place. Nice to meet you!

Click on the UPDATES button to discover more of what is to come.


~ To all the rest, thank you for visiting and welcome to my journey of acting!

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